Coca Leaves: Functional food millennial Properties

Coca Leaves: Functional food millennial Properties

The Coca Leaves in flour form to be presented in a concentrated presentation contains nutrients like alkaloids and fibre which should be consumed as a nutritional supplement.

Although it appearsto work best when consumed on an empty stomach, due to warm weather some people combines it with papaya juice or other cold beverages. It can be consumed with breakfast or lunch or night work. It is preferable not to consume it at night to avoid any disturbing sleep.


  • Stresses its large amount of calcium contained in 100 grams of dried leaf, 2.196 mg versus 120 mg of fresh cow milk. It has as much vitamin A as carrots. In addition, B complex, B-12, which improves the assimilation of food, the nervous system and mood, and significant amounts of zinc, magnesium, potassium, among others (see Table attached).
  • Is energetic and exciting: The energy supply comes from two sources: its 300 calories whose main source are complex carbohydrates (63 grams) and its dietary fiber (18%) by direct action and prebiotic in the colon, this energy is accompanied of increased cellular oxygenation which suggests better overcome the lack of oxygen (altitude sickness) and increase our capacity and endurance. This energy potential is enhanced by neuronal also be a stimulant that improves mood for physical and intellectual work. It is low in fat (3.5%).
  • It contains alkaloids, they are interrelated and complement each other, behaving to say nutritionist Maritza Vera Penachio as a board of physicians join forces to overcome the multiple organ dysfunction, while developing synergy with other nutrients and foodconsumed, allowing the best use.
  • The quality of their fiber has been studied as an important source of insoluble dietary fiber that strengthens the colon and possession of bioactive compounds that increase our defense system, also called immune.
  • It has antioxidant to contain a combination of flavonoids, tannins, lignin and significant amounts of vitamins A, C, E and minerals (magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc.) that fight free radicals, bacteria, evil, and protect our cells from aging early and make them anti-stress and anti-carcinogenic.
  • Important source of chlorophyll, contributes to the regeneration of the DNA.
We recommend eating a teaspoon a day, but under specialist supervision, it can be consumed in bigger quantities. From experience, we would say that each person must find their proper amount. We found enough people who think a half teaspoon a day and others do well with six a day (separated by half in the morning and the other finishing lunch).

In order to help the body adjust to this powerful food, it is recommended to start with a quarter teaspoon every other day and increasing to a full teaspoon by the fourth week. From then on, that amount can be taken every day, or adapted to your consumption needs.

By consuming Coca, we have to increase our fluid intake, fruits and vegetables to balance the blood pH which generates acid consumption and make better the quality of their fiber.

You can also incorporate a pinch of flour or lime llipta by 0.2% or about 1% of the total weight for both regulating blood pH to enhance the assimilation of its alkaloids. This too will happen if we consume the flour in hot water according to recent study by Dr. Theobald Llosa.

Do not forget that this meal is highly digestible and highly concentrated in fiber and alkaloids, so it is very strong and we should only consume it as a nutritional supplement, we should not abuse its kindness.

Coca flour is compatible with all foods. As a precaution, it is preferable to avoid mixing with stimulants such as caffeine. It can be added to juices, yogurt, soups, stews, sauces, etc.. And preparations are used as nutritional enriching mass to 5%.

People who require a higher dose of energy support, it is recommended to put the spoon flour directly into one side of the mouth to be consumed slowly improving and achieving insalivación also a direct and continuous assimilation under the tongue. To avoid unnecessary backflow, start with a quarter of a teaspoon. You can add up to 5% llipta, lime or sodium bicarbonate  to the flour if most activity is going to be physical.

We have not found the time limit, provided they are consumed with caution as stated above. Some people feel better advantage by consuming the leaves (chacchar or infusion) and other meal, everyone chooses although their effects are complementary.

  • Almost immediate relief from pains in muscles/joints.
  • Increased endurance in visible form.
  • Fixes serious problems of malnutrition and / or assimilation, particularly of vitamin B-12, anemia and calcium.
  • Strengthens and regenerates in a relatively short time, the bones and other bony parts of the body.
  • Start cleaning the urinary tract, allowing for quick evacuation of at least a percentage of retained urine.
  • Improves mood and lust for life.
  • Thanks to its fiber makes the intestines work better.
  • Improves general digestionl.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Regulates glucose.
  • Regulates dopamine.
  • Helps clean fatty liver.
  • Regulates triglyceride and cholesterol.
  • Combats stress.
  • Increasing cellular oxygenation capacity, it improves extreme physical performance and gives clarity in intellectual work.
  • Overcoming the effects of high altitude sickness.
  • Increases immune system.
  • Reported cases, strengthening hair and nail growth, and helps with the disappearance of blemishes and spots of old age. Also diminishing the appearance of gray hair in black roots.
For several years, the psychiatrist, Dr. Theobald Llosa has been using the mate de coca (coca leaves dry powdered micro) and flour (dried coca leaves powder micro) encapsulated special treatment as drug.


The Coca Leaves and neoplastic diseases
The Coca Leaves are an important source of antioxidants. In its fiber, contains bioactive principles such as polyphenols, of which contains more than broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, onions, lettuce, among others. It´s as much beta carotene as carrots, it is a major source of protection against cancer. It also contains condensed tannins in significant quantitieswhich are important because they protect proteins, lipids and carbohydrates from oxidative damage during the digestion. In this regard you can read the university thesis: physicochemical characterization and determination of their physical and physiological properties of Byproduct Clears Coca – the Mr. Food Industry, Lourdes Documet Forger, A, 2004.
Effect on stress
It is difficult to see a regular user of leaves or coca flour suffering from stress or depression, two great evils of our time.
In laboratory tests with an extract of Coca immediate action was found in front of a stressful situation: The antioxidant properties are mainly reflected in the increased activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and reducing the level of lipid peroxidation. Have not observed an increase in glutathione in the treatment groups, this immediate response due to SOD introduced to combat stress. In this regard you can read the university thesis: Determination of the antioxidant activity of refined extract of Coca desalonizado atomized in an experimental model of strenuous exercise – Bachelor of Velásquez Piñas, William, UNSCH, Ayacucho, 2005).
Effect on the liver
The collected experience reveals the cleansing action of Coca on a fatty liver. We have also seen how, in the field some usual abusers coca do not suffer from a fatty liver, fibrosis or cirrhosis despite consuming alcohol of dubious quality and quantities regularly. This same curiosity led  Dr. Roger Ramos Aliaga to investigate the case and found the coca leaf hepatoprotector effect,which was published in the 2006 study: Antioxidant effects and an alkaline extract of Coca leaves hepatoprotector; (which was based on his research “Metabolism of ethanol and conditions of the liver in rats” UNMSM, 2004). The abuse of alcohol and pure cocaine severely corrupts the liver and when consumed together form a hepatotoxic called cocaetileno. However, alcohol is consumed with the Coca Leaf, a phenomenon happens because, as  Dr. Ramos Aliaga said: A high antioxidant value of the leaf extract of coca, as opposed to synthesized cocaine, suggests that other components of the natural sheet such as vitamins A, C, E, tannins, flavonoids, etc., have antioxidant properties that would have contributed to this phenomenon.
Efecto en el sistema digestivo
Effect on the digestive system
The fiber has three components Coca-known: cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. It contains a considerable amount of cellulose fiber, significantly higher than that of wheat bran, this cellulose, accelerates intestinal transit and stool form. Its fiber hemicellulose strengthens the intestinal flora producing more volatile fatty acids. Their number is slightly higher than wheat bran and considerably higher than that of vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and lettuce. The third compound, lignin, is an antioxidant that prevents the release of free radicals and has a greater ability to absorb fat. Allows binding of iron with zinc. Its content is greater than that of wheat bran, artichokes, spinach, lettuce and chard.
Finally, consumption of fiber helps to increase good cholesterol


CocaHoney, 100% NATURAL ENERGY

Nutraceutical is a product composed of 100% natural coca flour, honey Oxapampa 100% natural, enriched with a touch of cinnamon.
Used as a functional,nutritional supplement due to its limited quantities by bars. Because of its high assimilation overcomes short or medium term dysfunctions due to poor nutrition. Excellent invigorating source, it provides long lasting energy (without causing sleepless nights insomnia) thanks to its rich complex of carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Also important source of micronutrients (remove hunger and malnutrition without causing loss of appetite) to contain amounts of vitamins and minerals above the daily requirements.

Why consume CocaHoney?

  • Food is highly digestible and has very special medicinal properties.
  • Stressing its large amount of calcium, vitamin A, B complex, including the low B-12, significant amounts of zinc, magnesium, potassium, amongst others, it is good for your nutrition.
  • It is energy. It contains 297 calories per 100 gr 100% natural, glucose and fructose containing the honey is considered one of the most nutritious foods known for its vitamins, minerals and sugars easily digested.
  • It contains several alkaloids, they are interrelated and complement each other to overcome the multiple organ dysfunction.
  • For honey contains all the vitamins dieticians or nutritionists consider necessary for health: group B, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, biotin piridonxina and addition of ascorbic acid or vitamin C.
  • The quality of the fiber, an important source of dietary fiber and insoluble bioactive compounds possess enhance our immune system.
  • The honey gives it a very important amount of probiotics to strengthen our body against different diseases.


  1. Atropine or scopolamine (C17 H33 N O3): Reduces tremor and rigidity of Parkinson´s disease, depressed the basal ganglia, reduced salivation, bronchial and gastric increases heart rate, mydriatic (dilates the pupil).
  2. Benzoiloxitropina: Hydrolyses inulin, is invigorating, optimizes the use of carbohydrates, optimizes the functioning of the pancreas which is the regulating weight.
  3. Benzoin: Solves problems of gastritis and ulcers, accelerating the formation of muscle cells.
  4. Cocaine (C17 H31 N O4): The methyl ester of benzoyl-ecgonine, a crystallizable alkaloid that inhibits nerve conduction, hence the property as a local anesthetic, cocaine alkaloid natural and associated rising acidity of the blood and metabolize uric acid, urea making, why and silicates combined with salt, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis.
  5. Cocamina (C15 H12 N O2): Is a non-crystallizable alkaloid, highly volatile, which acts as a sedative.
  6. Conine (C8 H15 N): is an analgesic, which acts directly on the nervous system, being a good antidepressant.
  7. Cuscohigna: Has properties of pectin, anti diarrhea and digestive, helps eliminate free radicals, is an antioxidant.
  8. Ecgonine (C9 H15 N O3): Is a derivative of atropine with the carboxyl at C-3 of pyridine, has properties to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, why the coca chewers maintain their slender body and constitution physically strong and healthy is a good regulator weight and improves the functioning of the pancreas, creating a balance enzyme.
  9. Erhitroxina: With properties similar to the globulin, which increases synergistic properties of the immune system, keeping in balance the white and red blood cells, increases in blood cells and hemoglobin is cardiotonic and lung.
  10. Higrina: It stimulates the salivary gland, is an excellent tonic for the larynx and throat, increases oxygenation to the lungs, avoiding the high altitude sickness, or imbalance of oxygen on high and dry throat.
  11. Pyrydina (C9 H5 N): Accelerates the formation and functioning of the brain, hence the coca, its composition so complex, increases the volume of blood supply to the apophysis, resulting in improved overall body.
  12. Quinoline (C9 H7 N): Help to fix the tooth enamel, it combines well with vitamin A, phosphorus and calcium, preventing tooth decay.
  13. Tropacocaína: It antitumor and antineoplastic.
  14. Reserpine: alkaloid hypotensive and calming, cause release of catecholamine and serotonin, improving kidney function, acting as a regulator of blood pressure, removes fatigue and thirst.


  • Rational consumption as we recommend, we have found no contraindication to date. Just as a precaution the use of coca flour should be small at the beginning starting  with a quarter teaspoon.
  • Studies on  pregnant women have not been studied. In some communities in the central highlands abusers have seen no problem. Friends and relatives have not felt pregnant negative effects to the consumption of this flour.
  • Hyperactive children must detox first and start with coca tea or fortified foods and then gradually with flour, consuming the tip of the spoon. In this case, it is essential to accompany this with a total dietary change and the elimination of processed foods that contain chemical additives.
  • People with heart disease, heart affected, should limit their consumption of coca tea.
  • Bedridden and infirm people can start their tea consumption and later move on to some flour or chewable leaves.
  • In all these individual cases, caution must be avoided by drinking coca with lime llipta, baking soda or boiled to avoid increasing heart rate and the extra energy as the case may be counterproductive. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before use.

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