About us

We are a young, dynamic and multicultural company specialized in Andean-Amazonian natural products. Thanks to our headquarters in Peru, we have direct access to the best raw materials from the Andes and the Amazon obtained through sustainable development strategies (economic, social and environmental).

The enhancement of traditional knowledge allows us to develop and offer the best products in both raw material and finished products that are currently marketed in different markets around the world from our headquarters in Spain. Our work has as a final objective that more people can access the best products of this South American region for the care of their health, beauty and personal well-being.

Our Brand:

All our food products and accessories are sold under our INKANAT.

The INKANAT brand is the guarantee of direct products from Andean farmers and Amazon communities.


 Nature is a great source of knowledge not yet well known or widespread.
 All the peoples and cultures of the world possess an enormous wealth in knowledge of their surrounding environment; Fruit of many generations of learning.
 Our western society is fascinated with technology and modern life that have neglected the universal, timeless knowledge of nature.

Fair trade and equal opportunities among peoples goes through accepting the knowledge and products of all peoples equally.



Wholesale to distributors and retail stores of our finished products; under our brands inkanat for food and food supplements and terra amazonas for natural cosmetic products.


Online sale of our finished products as well as a selection of products from our business partners, directly to the final consumer.


Marketing of raw materials from the Andes and the Amazon both from our Spanish headquarters and directly from our Peruvian headquarters.


From our Peruvian headquarters we carry out social projects with various communities in the Amazon jungle and the Andes; In addition to working products from biocommerce and sustainable development.

Andean Communities

Products from Andean farmers are mainly: maca, quinoa, chia and others.

Amazonian Communities

The great Amazon rainforest provides us with raw materials which we use sustainably.
Among the products of the jungle communities we have: dragon’s blood, sacha inchi, camu camu, guarana and others.

Production process

After receiving the harvest from the Andean farmers, or the products from the Amazon rainforest we manufacture to obtain the raw material; both powder and oils for export or manufacture of INKANAT products.